On behalf of my co-founder and President David Prael, myself and all the aerospace professionals that make up our
company, I would like to thank you for your interest in us.

DAEMAR was founded to fulfill the managerial and technical engineering needs of companies in the process of procuring, designing,
manufacturing and deploying satellite systems. The need for access to an independent, objective, and experienced management and
technical team was encountered repeatedly during my career on many satellite programs.  My experience as a program and engineering
group manager has taught me that the utilization of the best resources will save time, reduce cost and improve the quality of a satellite
program.  With that in mind, DAEMAR has gathered these resources together under one organization and now is able to offer these
services and benefits to our customers.

DAEMAR is a full service satellite consulting company of highly experienced professionals with a wealth of experience in many diverse
engineering and management disciplines related to spacecraft, launch vehicles and related equipment.  Our professionals can help you
with RFP, proposal, specification, and contract generation as well as the associated negotiations leading to spacecraft system or
subsystem contracts.  From there our professionals can manage your spacecraft program from its start through to launch and in-orbit
acceptance, including on-site residents to work closely with contractor or subcontractor teams on the day-to-day activities and problem
resolution.  DAEMAR professionals can also be used for short term assignments supporting your program as experienced design
reviewers, problem solvers, test data reviewers, or many other functions as needed.  We can fulfill all your satellite engineering and
management needs and your most challenging problems with a team of proven professionals.

These professionals bring with them, not only their expertise and years of practical experience, but a passion and excitement about
satellites.  For me as an engineering student in college I followed with awe the first landing on the moon.  Little did I know that shortly
thereafter in 1970 I would start my career in the same exciting aerospace industry.  In my case it would be satellites; as a design
engineer, lead integration and test engineer, and ultimately managing spacecraft engineering groups and programs.  These roles would
span a wide variety of satellite programs from meteorological (ITOS and TIROS) to interplanetary (VIKING Mars Lander) and on to
many commercial communication satellites.  During this time I worked with many private companies (i.e., satellite contractors,
subcontractors, operators, launch vehicle providers and communication service providers), many government entities (i.e., NASA,
NOAA, Department of State, Commerce Department, etc.), and others (e.g., insurance underwriters/brokers, legal firms, independent

To this day every satellite launch is more exciting than the last one, every satellite that successfully meets its mission requirements is
a source of pride, and every technical challenge overcome provides me with intense satisfaction.  Best of all the experience and
accomplishments were achieved working with teams of very talented aerospace professionals with the same passion I had for what we
were doing.  Together, fueled by that passion, we were able to achieve great results in a great industry.

In DAEMAR I am proud to have affiliated myself with many of these talented and passionate professionals in a company that is
capable of providing our customers with the same successful results.   As our mission states:

We look forward to learning about your project and needs.  Please contact me by phone at 609-271-0416 or e-mail me at

                                                             Mark E. Halverson
                                                             Co-Founder and CEO
Our business is to supply our customers with the highest quality services by providing the most
experienced and highest caliber engineering and management aerospace professionals suited to their
critical needs and ultimate success.
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