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1.  DAEMAR professionals provide cost advantages, program flexibility and can fill technical deficiencies or needs.

  • Expertise in disciplines that a customer often does not have in its direct employee staff.
  • Experienced - need no training (i.e., can hit the ground running).
  • Significant financial advantages (i.e., consultants require no overhead, benefits, vacation, or other costs
    associated with direct employees).
  • Avoids the relocation of direct employees and the associated issues of family relocation, compensation,
    liability, potential cultural adjustments, and numerous other considerations.
  • Consultants can be utilized by the customer on an as needed basis.

2.  DAEMAR professionals have a proven track record.

  • DAEMAR professionals already have 20 years and more (on the average) of experience providing the highest
    quality end-to-end engineering and management services overseeing most of the major spacecraft and launch
    vehicle providers.

3.  DAEMAR professionals have a long history of success.

  • DAEMAR Professionals have been successful engineers, engineering group managers, manufacturing & test
    managers, and program managers covering all contract, technical and schedule phases on over forty $100M+
    spacecraft and aerospace programs.
  • As residents at numerous U.S. and non-U.S. contractors and subcontractors, acted as on-site technical
    representatives for their customers enforcing contract requirements that insured the success of 10+ major
    spacecraft programs and associated flight equipment.

4.  DAEMAR professionals have a wide range of skills within the satellite and aerospace industry.

5.  DAEMAR Professionals are intimately familiar with most of the major spacecraft contractors.

6.  DAEMAR Professionals have extensive experience with most of the major launch vehicles and contractors.

7.  Through partnership consulting agreements, DAEMAR can provide services from a roster of over 100 professionals.

  • These agreements allow DAEMAR to offer prospective customers a wide array of professional talent, in addition
    to its own staff, from one of the largest set of capabilities in the industry that can cover virtually any technical or
    management discipline a customer may need.

8.  DAEMAR is registered with the U.S. Department
of State and its professionals have worked with
and understand ITAR.
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