Consulting and Enterprise Group LLC
For Prime Satellite Contractors -
  • DAEMAR professionals can act as independent design reviewers, supplement prime contractor teams
    during peak work periods, perform independent audits, help in red/black flag evaluations and can
    perform market or due diligence studies.
  • Can act as prime contractors’ representative overseeing subcontractors.  In this capacity DAEMAR
    professionals can reside on-site at subcontractors’ facility working closely with subcontractor and
    contractor teams assuring contract requirements are met and that problems and issues are properly
    addressed and resolved using good quality practices.
  • Can provide support and assessment leading to bid/no bid decisions.
  • Can support special projects and can mobilize the needed expertise quickly if necessary.
For Insurance Underwriters -
  • DAEMAR professionals can support underwriters in reviewing new satellite program designs plus their
    associated heritage, qualification, specifications, compliance, test plans, and all other technical
    considerations in order to support risk evaluations.
  • Review on-orbit health technical data and information to support underwriter risk evaluation and
    insurance placement or renewal.
  • Can perform special technical reviews on systematic or generic problems that underwriters may
    consider of potentially high risk.
DAEMAR offers a full
complement of specialized
engineering and
management services to the
aerospace industry.

Whatever your needs,
DAEMAR professionals have
been engineers,
engineering group
managers, manufacturing &
test managers, and program
managers with a proven
track record successfully
working with domestic and
international satellite
operators, prime satellite
contractors, subcontractors,
service providers as well as
the insurance community.  
This track record has
consistently produced high
quality and successful
AMC-12 Communications Satellite being installed on upper Stage of ProtonM Launch Vehicle (first Thales Alenia Space SB4000 Satellite)
Soyuz Launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome located in the Republic of Kazakhstan
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